With a subscription of £49.95 per month at Reloading UK, you will have access to 20% off the RRP on all items along with some other great exclusive benefits.

That means that if you spend more than £250 at Reloading UK per month, huge savings can be made.


How Can I Become A Member And Start Purchasing Products?

After clicking on “Subscribe”, you will create a Reloading UK account and be able to purchase all products at 20% off the RRP prices within 24 hours. You can easily pay by credit card or PayPal. Everything is as normal on the website.... only the prices are much cheaper.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Reloading UK Member?

  • Discounts Across The Board - All items listed on the Reloading UK website have a 20% discount with an active membership.
  • Priority Returns - Any item you have purchased during your subscription can be returned at any point, free of charge for a refund or replacement. That is correct..... As long as you have an active subscription, all items have a lifetime guarantee courtesy of Reloading UK whether you don't need it, broke it, don't want it, or just don't like it (must be returned in original manufacturers packaging).
  • Membership Referral - Refer a friend to us and if that friend signs up for an active membership, you will receive one free month of membership.
  • Exclusive Rewards - Get rewarded for hitting your membership milestones ie: have an active membership for 12 months and we will service your press and die set free of charge.

Can I Cancel My Subscription?

Plans are month-to-month. You can start/stop or make changes to your plan at any time (but please note that refunds are not given for cancellation for the month the subscription took place).

What products are included?

Every product on the website is included within the membership program, regardless of price.

Will It Be Worthwhile Paying A Subscription Fee?

Only you can answer that question. The savings are 20% across all products so on average, if you spend £250 per month with us, this will pay for the £49.95 subscription fee. Once you spend over the £250 threshold, you will begin to make large savings.

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