Barnes Bullets takes its name from Fred Barnes, who began selling bullets out of his basement workshop in Bayfield, CO in 1932. A few years later, Randy and Coni Brooks purchased the company and moved bullet production to American Fork, Utah. 

Fred Barnes stayed on to consult with the couple for several months. Randy and Coni were young in their careers, but what they lacked in experience, they made up with grit and determination. Both passionate hunters, their love of the sport gave them the firsthand experience and knowledge to push Barnes Bullets to success.

In 1979, while hunting brown bears in Alaska, Randy conceived the idea of an expanding all-copper bullet. Coni was skeptical at the idea of doing away with lead, but after a few successful tags with Randy’s prototypes, they knew they were on to something that would change ballistic history.

Their prototype became the world-renowned X Bullet® and changed the way hunters and shooters looked at their ammunition options.

Since 1989, Barnes Bullets has been on the forefront of ballistic innovation, forging a reputation for epic knockdowns and terminal performance. Today, Barnes Bullets are highly trusted and respected among top hunters and shooters worldwide.

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